Negative influences that exacerbate ADD/ADHD Symptoms

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Students are exhibiting symptoms of ADD/ADHD in record numbers, which is affecting all areas of their lives as a result. How is this possible? Most parents aren't aware symptoms of ADD/ADHD are worsened by common environmental elements - most of which are included everyday choices. These elements are so wide spread, they are actually supported by school systems and incorporated by pivoted lifestyles as a result of Covid. For example, many school systems don't have the manpower to ensure students are choosing nurturing dietary choices, technological stimulation is reshaping cognitive abilities, and emotional upset (heightened emotional response) from social media, political and typical teenage drama.

1. Food Additives/Sugar -Sugar and processed food is the worst for brain functionality. Protein snacks and Omega 3 fatty oil supplements are beneficial to help with focus and recall.

2. Overstimulation - What's in your student's environment? Noise, bright light, stress?

3. Technology Overuse - anything over two hours. It's helpful to counteract, returning to the brain's normal processing speed through reading.

4. Stress - Who doesn't have stress these days? Students benefit from leaving the drama at school and ramping down at home in a peaceful environment.

5. Lack of Sleep - Try and get 8 hours of sleep as much as possible.

So what can parents do?

As much as possible, incorporate healthy choices that include protein during study time and on test day and be sure to include an Omega 3 fatty oil supplement each day.

Processed foods, (such as junk food) and other unhealthy choices do not supply the brain with needed nutrients for brain function. I recommend parents give students protein snacks when studying or doing homework and protein breakfasts the morning of test day.

Counteract negative effects of technology by suggesting students read an age appropriate book (not graphical novel, but text), because reading and writing uses utilizes brain functionality not used with technology and slows processing speeds.

Incorporate fun activities such as art, painting, drawing or playing outside with friends to encourage physical activity, and for the release of natural hormones and Vitamin D from the sun, that maintain emotional balance.

If students are struggling with over stimulation from the school environment, or have shut down due to negative emotions or anxiety, please give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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