The Secret to a Great Life

Rewrite your life script to your specifications, but set yourself up to have the best quality of life. Be discerning about who plays key roles in your life and who you play key roles for. It is crucial to select healthy individuals who do all of the following:

1) Inspire you to be your BEST self - Why wouldn't you want people around you to help you succeed? People need to have goals and accountability to be successful. It's human nature to slack off and not hold yourself accountable.

2) Those who share your values - Having people with other values around you dilute your purpose and eventually causes friction. Teamwork is much more effective and enjoyable when you have like-minded members and you gain more momentum and progress.

3) Test your abilities and limits (include those who stretch you, such as friends, family, mentors, coworkers and spiritual leaders)

4) Help you balance - A person is happier, more effective, and well liked if they have a healthy emotional and intellectual balance. Part of having a healthy lifestyle is keeping yourself grounded and not letting your negative emotions take over.

5) Not everyone can play a role - If you find you are in a relationship that is one-sided, you may need to reconsider the dynamics of your relationship and why you remain. If you have been waiting for a particular response, then more waiting won't change anything. You have two choices; communicate for further understanding and clarification, or stop holding your breath. Without realizing it, you may be using them as an excuse for not moving forward, avoiding, not taking responsibility, or getting on with your life. Be discerning about who plays a role in your life. Not everyone has earned the right to be in your 'inner circle'. Allowing the wrong people, (or negative ones) can create detours to

your purpose, goals, and happiness.

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