The Greatest Thing About Being Human

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

We are constantly bombarding our minds with stimuli; especially in our highly technical world. We can choose whatever type of stimuli to which to expose ourselves. Let's consider the choices. Negative stimuli can be externally or internally generated. It can originate from one's own thoughts, those in the environment, toxicity of social media, or repetitively entertaining injurious past experiences, leading to an anger, then justification, and retaliation. That pain then perpetuates more negativity, thus creating a pattern of a fight or flight response, releasing more stress hormones. Ultimately, this results in damaging short term and long term affects. Long term effects include mental and physical illness and disease, and short term results are crippled cognitive abilities. Ever had a teen or adult respond like an explosive 10 year old child when faced with a negative response? The brain that habitually maintains a fight or flight response, due to any type of perceived threat, (whether it be test anxiety, perceived betrayal, unwanted parental correction, bullying, or a life-threatening virus), is hindered in three major areas. The brain cannot build trust, problem-solve or relationally connect.... If a person neglects to develop an ability to control thoughts and responses to the stimuli, then it becomes a cause/effect relationship- in which that person would result in being unpredictable, exhausting, and volatile. These hindrances lessen the likelihood of productivity in any environment; academic, social, or career. As a perpetually repetitive cycle (habit), your brain maintains this pattern until you train it to respond differently. Or you can choose differently.

Contrarily, the other choice has quite the opposite affect. Allowing only that which is positive, edifying and peaceful into one's mind and psyche is the preferred choice, but it is still - your choice. We all have something to give the world, its the gift of our soul, our true self. If we embrace who we are and allow others to be who they are, that love and care is rooted in our inner person. This not only improves our relationships, but our physical and mental health. Imagine how empowering and edifying it would feel, not being subject to whims, opinions, or choices of others - making you stronger, wiser, and emotionally well balanced. Then, you are free to be truly who you wish and not a victim of another human being, circumstances or life in general. Regardless of what other people believe, do, or say, your response is your own, not subject to manipulation, agendas, circumstances, social media ratings, or old fashioned button pushing.

But then again, it is your choice as a human being.

If you find yourself stuck in a negative fight or flight pattern, but want peace, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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