Societal Increase of Depression/Anxiety Among Teens

Teens are challenged today more than ever - but that's life. We adults realize this, but teens only have their experiences and perceptions of their peer group to utilize. To them it seems they are powerless and that teachers, parents and other adults possess all the power. The crux to this is that they really to have an option to hold the power, but they must make a decision to learn how to obtain the power - or continue to blame others and be powerless. Teens have the choice of being present in their reality, celebrating the good parts, identifying the problem areas, planning their future, deciding their direction, making a difference in their life and those around them, and constructing their own success in life. They can, but only if they choose.

Why do some struggle and others prevail? Some have more assets than others. There is a difference between developing assets and parents' solving problems for them. Because peer association is so important in this developmental stage, unfortunately, perception limitations are more widespread and self victimizing than the skillset of how to solve problems for themselves. Unless teems are guided intentionally while at the same time, experiencing kinesthetically how to develop concepts for problem-solving, they won't develop these skills until they are forced to live on their own.

Teens need to learn how to build relationships for and with other people. This is the ultimate challenge with the overuse of technology we have today. It's causing an epidemic level causation of anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses that often includes suicidal ideations. Although there are 40 basic areas like family support, caring community, honesty, self-esteem, and resistance skills (ability to stand up against negative pressure and avoid danger).

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