5 Traits to Utilize Under Stress

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Many are stuck in the 'flight or flight' cycle and find themselves unable to move past the overwhelm, anxiousness and chaos. You are certainly not alone.

Five Traits are needed to better manage stress that life throws at you

1) Resilience -

Reframing your thought processes will help you not think of yourself in a 'win/lose' scenario.

Authentically ascertain if you have done your best. If you have, be at peace with that and remember your own humanity.

Ask yourself what you learned from previous disappointments. See how many you can come up with and determine to apply those in the future.

Move on! Be able to bounce back quickly, reflecting on the fact that you are closer to your goal.

2) Flexible Thinkers -

Self awareness and honesty concerning your situation is extremely valuable in your growth and ability to move forward.

Know where your negative thoughts originate and make those opportunities for growth.

Course correct, and change to find what works.

Stubbornly refusing to consider change will keep you stagnant in the very same place you are trying to move out of.

3) Optimism -

Part of maturing is having a capability to accept that you can't always have your way all the time. Where there are challenges, ask yourself if it is ethical for all involved, practical, and realistic. If so, have an ability to come up with a Plan B.

Be intentional about reducing risk

Remember that optimistic people live longer statistically.

4) Ask for Help -

It is said that wisdom comes from a consult of many. Be wise and humble when asking for assistance.

Think of older generations as those who have lived longer, and have been through many experiences already. They make much better confidants and sounding boards than those who are struggling with the same issues.

5) Teamwork is Better -

A diversified group with a wide range of skills is better than one person with a limited skill set. Tap into others' strengths and gain another perspective, skill or perhaps help another in an area in which you have expertise.

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