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Purpose from the Journey...

​​​Pamela Greene is passionate about empowerment, reframing mindsets, and creating positive change and academic mastery for students and young adults. As a certified Life Coach, therapist, and educator, she utilizes her collective training and expertise to help students and families affected by trauma or other challenges, gain clarity, focus, and momentum, overcoming hurdles, and transforming aspirations to realities. 

Our team of certified therapists, life coaches, teachers and counselors work with students (1st grade through adult) to break through emotional impediments to cognitive functionality and develop 

positive mindsets, increased focus, executive function skills, and academic mastery.

Coaching Unlimited supports unity, development of healthy trust, social-emotional intelligence, healthy relational boundaries, psychologically safe classrooms and working environments.

We highly value community contribution and believe it is the catalyst for real and meaningful change. 

True change will be the result when we authentically lead, connect, and support each other. 

 We take great pride in the progress and success of our clients, and we look forward to helping you.