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A recent Gallup poll revealed that 76% of U.S. college students are considering withdrawing due to emotional stress and inadequate preparation. Our educational system is failing, and our kids are paying a high price in self concepts, academics and emotional wellness. Trauma disrupts not only learning, but also problem solving, building trust, and relational connectivity

Is your child anxious, self-isolating, defeated, or unmotivated?

Our certified life coaches, teachers, and therapists help students move from brain fog, complacency, limiting beliefs, and fight or flight responses, to developing intrinsic motivation, gaining confidence and clarity, and reaching their academic goals.

We change more than attitudes and grades, we change lives.

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Our purpose is helping students and families transform from having defeated,

self-limiting beliefs, and fixed mindsets, to

empowerment, confidence, and success.


Family Time
Family Time

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Although life is unpredictable, we can control our mindsets, bodies, spirits,

and responses.

Cut through the noise. Gain clarity, strength, and self-control. Learn how emotions can keep you from reaching your personal and familial objectives.

 Imagine breaking free of overwhelm and negativity.

Create for yourself a life that's once again peaceful, meaningful, successful.

Inspiring Students to Dream & Succeed
Inspiring Students to Dream & Succeed

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Our programs bring rapid results through a variety of proven therapies and strategies. Our certified teachers, life coaches, and diagnosticians help students:


  • obtain advanced skill levels

  •  increase academic performance, develop intrinsic motivation, 

  • positive behaviors, proactive habits, and growth mindsets. 

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching differs from tutoring in the following:


  • Executive Function Development

  • Test Preparation

  • Core Subject Mastery

  • Stress Management

  • Critical Thinking

  • Accountability, Problem solving

  • Proactivity vs. Reactivity

  • Test preparation

  • Study Skills 


* We teach the importance of the two P's, planning and preparing (instead of the 'other' p word...'procrastination'). It's much easier getting ahead, than having to perpetually catch up. 


We also provide 24/7 online practice based on state learning standards (standardized testing material). Students typically show proven results within the first week of sessions. 


Homeschooling has proven to be superior to public education, which has been failing for the past decade. We are passionate about helping students and their families succeed.


There are unique challenges of homeschooling families, and our certified teachers provide:


  • insight into crucial elements of education

  • how to differentiate lesson planning

  • how to create lesson plans based on state learning standards

  • students' learning & motivational styles

  • ways to maximize engagement

  • provide enrichment program information

  • include life skills development

  • include social skills development

  • customized scholastic programs with your child's natural interests

  • creative ways to make learning fun based on your family values


College Preparation/Application

Missed a deadline? Not sure when to start on your application? We see this all the time. Our collegiate admissions counselors guide families through every step of the application process.


  • Create polished, collegiate level applications

  • Learn how to customize your application for each target college

  • What college counselors want to see in essay content

  •  25 things to avoid in college essays

  • Highlight your accomplishments and interests

  • Communicate scholastic mastery

  • Exemplify competence, the right type of student for your targeted college

Executive Function Development

Up to 90% of students with ADHD also experience executive function dysfunction (EFD). Executive Function is cognitive or mental skills necessary to actively pursue goals. Executive Function skills affect relationships, academics, communication, and professional productivity.


Our Executive Function Mastery Program provides:

  • Developmental and academic assessments

  • Data driven action plans

  • Identification of intrinsic and environmental elements which disrupt development 

  • Ways to maximize cognitive functioning

  • Weekly support calls

  • Accountability

  • Intrinsic Motivation

  • Goal Setting

  • Critical Thinking

  • Problem Resolution


Current studies indicate that due to technology overuse in our society, executive functionality skills (which affect everything) are delayed and is not fully developed until a person is in their late twenties.


Our data driven action plans help students cultivate those skills

before getting behind the wheel of a car or walks onto a college campus. 


Positive Mindset / Emotional Transformation

Does your student struggle with anxiety, depression or negative emotions? 

The fight or flight response is brought about by any type of perceived danger (test anxiety, social media drama, online predators, bullies, and even classroom environments for

students challenged with social anxiety).

Our therapists, life coaches, counselors, and teachers help families:


  • Move from destructive or negative repetitive emotional responses

  • Develop positive and growth mindsets

  • Change self-limiting beliefs

  • Promote neuroplasticity and neurogenesis 

  • Learn how an individual's interpretation of life affects them behaviorally, emotionally, intellectually

  • Maximize cognitive development

Let's have a discuss how we can help your family.

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 Younger generations are either stuck in technology or on the sofa. They need leadership!  Our staff can support your young adult through relational connection, leadership, exemplifying resilience, task initiation, and work ethic. Our mentoring program gets kids off the couch and into action, through our monthly adventure events (mud running, rock climbing, fishing), gaining broader perspectives, life skills, and collaboration and teamwork.


True leadership is connectivity - through ethical, confident, empathetic individuals who step-up and exemplify truth, empathy, honor, morality, honesty, and resilience. Today's leaders are challenged in productive, professional, unified environments amid generational, gender, skill, and political diversities. What's the answer? Psychological Safety. Employees who feel

psychologically safe are confident, empowered, effective, and proactive. 

Most importantly - they don't leave the organization. 


What if you had a psychologically safe culture and a resilient team? One based on tenacity, unity, social-emotional intelligence, healthy boundaries? The result is incredible, and we invite you to talk with us about your professional culture. We value contributing back to society, and believe it is the catalyst for real and meaningful change. True change comes when we

lead, connect, and support each other.


"Thank YOU So Much!"


After working with your Academic Coach, my daughter has been accepted into the International Baccalaureate program!  I am so proud of her, and thank YOU so much for helping her reach this academic milestone of being an honor roll student.



We are here for you and ready to help. Please let us know in a confidential message how to contact you and a short description of how we can help. Take care, we are looking forward to talking with you within 24 hours.

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